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Tau Day 2019: Two DVD special offer - plus downloads of everything!

£12.56 £21.98

Celebrate the second most mathematical day of the year... yes, it's Tau Day!

From Tau Day (6.28) until Pi Approximation Day (22/7) you can get our two most recent shows on DVD for just £τ each - that's £2τ for the pair - plus HD downloads of all three shows.

For £12.56 plus P&P you'll get unsigned DVDs of:

 - Just For Graphs
 - You Can't Polish A Nerd 
 - Plus HD downloads of Full Frontal Nerdity, Just For Graphs and You Can't Polish A Nerd.

EDUCATORS PAY HALF PRICE! Are you a teacher, homeschooler, lecturer, librarian, youth worker, Brown Owl, Scout Leader, or someone else who works with nerdy teens? Add code "APPLEFORTHETAUCHER" at checkout to get both DVDs at half price, making it £τ for the two: that's £6.28 plus P&P. Use your work email address to order, or add a note at checkout to say why you qualify (or we might have to cancel your payment!). Tell a teacher you know about this, to give them an end-of-term treat!  

Want to know why we're celebrating Tau Day? Ask Steve. Just don't tell Matt while you're at it...


I'm an educator. Are these shows suitable for kids?

That's up to you! All our shows have been given a 12+ certificate by BBFC, the people who classify UK films. There's a couple of mild swears here and there in each of them, and one expletive appears in Just For Graphs as text on the screen. Both Full Frontal Nerdity and You Can't Polish A Nerd have "Safer For Schools" soundtrack options the DVD and download versions, where all swears have replaced by sound effects. You might just want to watch the shows yourself, to get new ideas about how to talk about science and maths, and maybe a few experiments to try. Then again, we've known teachers to play extracts in lessons, or at the end of term as a post-exam treat. It's your call.

Will these work in my DVD player?

This DVD is not region locked, but it is in PAL format. It will work on most modern DVD players and laptops, but we cannot guarantee this (especially in North America where NTSC reigns supreme!) so please check your system before ordering. More on PAL vs NTSC is here.

Ah that's going to be a problem...

Sounds like you need our downloads, or our special Download Gift Packs - they're over here

How do I play the free downloads?

All downloads are .mp4 format, which will most likely play just fine on your default video player, such as VLC, iTunes, MPlayerX, Quicktime or Windows Media Player. For more information, see each download product individually

You're including a download of Full Frontal Nerdity, but not the DVD... why? 

We've almost run out of Full Frontal Nerdity DVDs - yes, really - we're down to the last 100 of those. But we have many, many more DVD copies of You Can't Polish A Nerd and Just For Graphs sitting in a storage depot. It turns out that our DVD sales have been massively outpaced by the rise of download technology.  So, we thought, let's just get the discs out there, to people who might like them and use them for good! And include HD downloads to future proof your media collection at the same time.