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Just For Graphs download


It's here! A special recording of our latest graph-a-minute stage spectacular, full of electrifying experiments, scientifically verified songs, mind-bending maths and fire-fuelled fun, with a fax machine solo. After touring Just For Graphs around the UK to over 15,000 nerds and non-nerds, we've finally committed it to a universally playable format.

The download comes in two flavours, now both at £3.14 (£π) to celebrate Festival of the Spoken Nerd's 10th anniversary!

    1. The show in regular excellent HD (1080p)
    2. The show in teeny tiny SD (480p)

It's also available on DVD, but sadly we sold out of VHS versions. You can still buy the t-shirt!

If you prefer to get your downloads from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store and YouTube Movies, click here to buy from any of those

You can also buy our other shows Full Frontal Nerdity and You Can't Polish A Nerd on download and DVD, click here for more.

What's in the download?

  • 92 minutes of Just For Graphs, filmed live at London's Albany Theatre.
  • Subtitles in English.
  • Four Director's Commentaries: one from each nerd, plus bonus VHS-themed commentary from editor Trent Burton and comedian Robin Ince.
  • 16-page fold-out poster containing off-the-chart nerdity in PDF format.
  • DRM free, classified by BBFC as suitable for ages 12 and over.

How do I play the download?

The download is in .mp4 format, which will most likely play just fine on your default video player, such as VLC (our recommended player, available here), MPlayerX, Windows Media Player, or the latest versions of Quicktime and iTunes.

How do I access the subtitles and extra audio tracks?

Some media players are better than others at handling multiple audio tracks and subtitles. 

If you have problems accessing the bonus features on your default player, we recommend downloading free video player VLC for Windows or Mac ( It definitely plays the file in our download and all the bonus features.

What the critics said about the show

**** “Somewhere between Dave Gorman and The Big Bang Theory lies nerd-heaven... hilarious” (Latest 7)
***** “Hugely entertaining show - and not just for nerds” (Tickit Reviews)
**** "Bustling with brain-teasing excellent; fun with fire, singing and super awesome experiments" (Mumble Comedy)
**** “So much fun... and flames... who knew formulae could be so funny?” (One4Review)