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About Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Festival Of The Spoken Nerd is the science-comedy phenomenon from the UK made up of stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, experiments maestro Steve Mould and geek songstress Helen Arney. We don't just sell nerdy merch and make podcasts, we also do live shows!

Join us at one of our live shows, radio recordings or TV appearances when they start up again. Buy tickets at for a night of all-out nerdity near you. 

You'll also find nerdy merchandise here in our shop, including t-shirts, DVDs and downloads. If you're wondering why some of our prices seem a little strange, it's because everything is a multiples of π pence. 

You can also download Helen's music for free from her Bandcamp page or buy CDs and songbooks there too.

And you can buy Steve and Matt's mathematical curiosities from their shop Maths Gear. That's also where you'll find copies of all our books too.

To redeem a DVD or download voucher, please visit the relevant product page and follow the instructions.