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Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Theme Music


Due to popular demand, our theme music - as heard in all our live and recorded shows, and on A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail - is now available to buy in mp3 format. 

For only 30πp (94 pence, rounded to the nearest whole pence) you can own it and listen to it whenever you want, without having to put one of our DVDs into your player, locate the shows you downloaded a while back, or leave the house to come to one of our shows... although we would like you to do those things too, of course. 

We've made it available because so many people have been asking us where the music in our shows comes from. It's written specially for us by Howard Carter - go check his other work out, he is great.

If you buy this track, please just enjoy it for your own pleasure and to listen to with friends. Use it in your personal Spoken Nerd fan projects if you like, but please don't use it for commercial stuff; a YouTube video, an advert something that's for sale, or anything like that.

Don't forget you can buy all our shows on DVD, download, VHS and floppy disk from just £π here