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All Our Nerdy T-shirts - Print On Demand

NEVER SOLD OUT! If you like what we do, get the t-shirt – now printed on demand, just for you!

We’ve been making nerdy t-shirts to complement our live shows for nearly a decade. We’ve frequently sold out, or ran out of certain sizes, or couldn’t stock a really wide range of colours, which has always been very frustrating.

But now we have a solution. We’ve opened a Teemill store, where you can get ALL our designs on t-shirts, totes, hoodies, jumpers, vests, t-shirt dresses and kids sizes. They’re all printed on ethically sourced fabric with low environmental impact inks. Even the packaging is made of paper, and every t-shirt has a return address on the label so you can send it back to be turned into more t-shirts in the future. T-shirt recursion! What’s not to love?

Here’s just a few of the designs you can pick and choose from:

  • A five-way Venn diagram explaining the lyrics to Blur’s “Girls And Boys”.
  • A recursive t-shirt-inside-a-t-shirt-inside-a-t-shirt (etc) as worn by Matt on his YouTube channel.
  • A stunning seven-way Venn diagram, inspired by mathematician Branko Grunbaum.
  • The word “Nerd” spelled out in binary, for other nerds to nod at appreciatively from a distance.
  • The same word in Hex with a rainbow pattern, creating a complementary “non-binary” tee.
  • Steve’s mathematically accurate expression for eating all the pies.
  • Helen’s radioactive banana song in wearable form.
  • Matt’s “Say No To Mathematically Impossible Street Signs” protest t-shirt.
  • Lots of styles from “An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail” new material nights.
  • An expression to help Steve explain why things being six times colder than other things is completely meaningless.
  • A glitter-style design to tell everyone that “You Can’t Polish A Nerd”.
  • Our Nerd Identity Matrix, for the linear algebra fan in all of us.
  • A Venn diagram to explain the work of Bryan Adams.
  • The classic “I Love Spreadsheets” design, but with the heart replaced by a John Conway "Game Of Life" glider.
  • Matt’s “Shapes On A Plane” plot, complete with Samuel L Jackson on the back.
  • Just our logo on a t-shirt, keeping it simple.

If you browse around the store, and can’t find exactly the colour, shape or size that you want, then just email us here. We’ll create the design of your dreams and make it available for you to buy, and everyone else who comes looking for it afterwards.

There are a few “Girls And Boys” and “An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail” tees left at the Spoken Nerd and Maths Gear stores, in limited shapes, sizes and colours. Click through the links above to see what we’ve got, and if there’s nothing that fits, head over to our Teemill store.