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Full Frontal Nerdity download


We've made our 2014 show, Full Frontal Nerdity, into a DVD! But you're more of a download kind of person. We get that.

This is our classic first tour show full of binary scarves, cryonic love songs, gravity-defying bead chains, fire tornados, smoke rings and a spectacular flaming Nerd Anthem finale. 

The download comes in three flavours, all now at £π to celebrate our 10th anniversary! 

    1. Everything in HD - All the stuff from the DVD in glorious HD: main show 1080p, extras 720p.

    2. Everything in SD - All of the above in bandwidth-friendly Standard Definition 480p. Your hard disk will barely know it's there.

    3. Just the show - In Standard Definition with English subtitles.

Buy from this page now and you can download the files immediately. You'll also get an email with links to download it later on if you prefer.

Option (3) is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store and YouTube Movies here. If you prefer to buy or rent it it on one of those platforms, but still want all the extras that come with options (1) and (2), you can now buy an "Extras Only" bundle for just £π (£3.14).

Our latest shows Just For Graphs and You Can't Polish A Nerd are also available to download. Get them here.

What's in options 1 and 2?

  • 100 minutes of Full Frontal Nerdity, live at London's Bloomsbury Theatre.
  • 85 minutes of specially filmed extras including "Backstage Nerdity", "The Mould Effect Effect", "Smoke Ring Smackdown", music videos and more.
  • Subtitles in English throughout the show and all extras.
  • Main show subtitles Binary, Klingon (partial) and English-from-Klingon. More subtitle options available to download from our website including Morse Code, Hex, Alphabetical and Markov Process.
  • Director's Commentary
  • Director's Commentary of Director's Commentary
  • American Language Soundtrack
  • Slightly Safer For Schools Soundtrack - all of the science, none of the swears.
  • 20-page PDF booklet full of bonus nerdity
  • DRM free, classified by BBFC as suitable for ages 12 and over.
  • What's in option 3?

  • 100 minutes of Full Frontal Nerdity in Standard Definition
  • English subtitles
  • 20-page PDF booklet full of bonus nerdity
  • DRM free, classified by BBFC as suitable for ages 12 and over
  • Can I still get the DVD?

    Sorry they are sold out! 

    How do I play the download?

    All downloads are .mp4 format, which will most likely play just fine on your default video player, such as VLC, iTunes, MPlayerX, Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

    The files arrive as a single zip. Here's how to open a zip file.

    How do I access the bonus subtitles and audio?

    Some media players are better than others at handling multiple subtitle and audio tracks. For example, iTunes seems to work fine, but in QuickTime the alternative audio tracks cannot be selected. 

    If you have problems accessing the bonus features on your default player, we recommend downloading free video player VLC for Windows or Mac ( It definitely plays the files in our download and all the bonus features.

    With VLC, you can also use the "Add Subtitle File" feature to play the extra subtitle files available on our website

    What the critics said about the show

    **** “The nerd show to end all nerd shows” (The List)
    “Charm and perky curiosity is in its DNA” (Guardian)
    **** "Great, funny, clever… even the heckles at this terrific show are smart" (The Scotsman)
    “Wonderfully witty” (Chortle)
    **** “The geeks have inherited the earth in a show that's smart and funny” (The Skinny)
    “Physics porn for the sci-curious” (Fest)