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Binary and Non-Binary T-Shirts

Print all our t-shirt designs on-demand with Teemill: they're never sold out! 

Think you're a hot shot with the ones and zeros? Show the world with this t-shirt - or at least show that tiny part of the world that can decode binary ASCII on the fly. Inspired by Helen's binary solo in the Nerd Anthem finale of "Full Frontal Nerdity" - buy your copy on DVD and download here!)

Don't want a Binary tee? Say it in Hex! Go against the flow and spell out "N - e - r - d" in the base-16 system instead. Other super-nerds will surely recognise your commitment to non-typical numeral systems and appreciate your own particular flavour of nerdiness as a result.

All our Teemill tees are made from organic, fair-trade cotton with environmentally friendly inks in a wind-powered factory on the Isle of Wight. They even have an address inside where you can send back your worn-out t-shirt to be turned into new t-shirts. That's the kind of recursive fashion we like!