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Just For Graphs VHS + free download


Sold Out

It's here! A special recording of our latest graph-a-minute stage spectacular, full of electrifying experiments, scientifically verified songs, mind-bending maths and fire-fuelled fun, with a fax machine solo. After touring Just For Graphs around the UK to over 15,000 nerds and non-nerds, we've finally committed it to a virtually unplayable format: Video Home System!

This extremely limited VHS edition is not available anywhere else. It probably shouldn't be available here.

For people with less money and more sense, the show is also available on DVD, instant download and luxury download gift pack

If you make the mistake of buying it, we'll post you an individually numbered VHS copy, and email you a free HD download of the show so you can actually watch it. Each cassette has been lovingly recorded on archive VHS stock and placed in an antique plastic box. We'll also sign your almost unwatchable copy, to thank you for your dedication to supporting nerds at the expense of playability. 

Buy your uniquely numbered edition for a ludicrous £10π (£31.42)

You can buy our other shows Full Frontal Nerdity and You Can't Polish A Nerd on download, DVD and floppy disk as well, click here for more.

Will it work in my VHS player?

This VHS is not region locked, but it is in PAL format. If you live in a region where NTSC reigns supreme, for instance North or Central America, Japan and others, it will not work so please check your system before ordering. More about NTSC vs PAL is here.

What's in the box?

  • 92 minutes of Just For Graphs, on a uniquely numbered VHS cassette
  • No subtitles
  • No Director's Commentaries
  • Includes a black and white photocopy of the 16-page fold-out poster that comes with the DVD.
  • This VHS has been classified by BBFC as suitable for ages 12 and over.
  • Don't worry, we've punched out the tabs so you won't accidentally record over it with an episode of ALF.
  • This is the only version of Just For Graphs that comes with no copyright restrictions whatsoever. You have our permission to duplicate and distribute the show on this format or worse (NB: worse formats include those currently existing and any to be invented in the future.)  

How do I play the download?

The download is in .mp4 format, which will most likely play just fine on your default video player, such as VLC (our recommended player, available here), MPlayerX, Windows Media Player, or the latest versions of Quicktime and iTunes.

How do I access the subtitles and extra audio tracks on the download?

Some media players are better than others at handling multiple audio tracks and subtitles. 

If you have problems accessing the bonus features on your default player, we recommend downloading free video player VLC for Windows or Mac ( It definitely plays the file in our download and all the bonus features.

What the critics said about the show:

**** “Somewhere between Dave Gorman and The Big Bang Theory lies nerd-heaven... hilarious” (Latest 7)
***** “Hugely entertaining show - and not just for nerds” (Tickit Reviews)
**** "Bustling with brain-teasing excellent; fun with fire, singing and super awesome experiments" (Mumble Comedy)
**** “So much fun... and flames... who knew formulae could be so funny?” (One4Review)

What our production team said when we told them we wanted to release the show on VHS:

"You're all mad!" (Mike O'Brien, Laughing Stock distribution)
"VHS… really?" (Richard Lamb, 10th Planet Digital Media)
"I suggested this when we started!" (Trent Burton, Trunkman Productions)