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"You Can't Polish A Nerd" tour merch


Introducing our "You Can't Polish A Nerd" tour merch!

Pop the magnets on your fridge and/or microwave to furnish your kitchen laboratory. Wear the set of 4 pin badges to show your nerdity to the world. Use the notebook for your musings on whether you can Polish a Nerd... or not? It's your choice. We're not the boss of you. 

Either a notebook, a set of 4 badges or one of our four unique magnet designs can be yours for just £π (£3.14).

Or get the whole bundle for £3π (£9.43) and save £2π! Or £τ, whatever you prefer.

"One of everything" bundle consists of: Set of 4 pin badges, 25mm diameter. Set of 4 fridge magnets, 58mm diameter. Notebook with 48 lined pages, printed on recycled card and paper in the UK.