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You Can't Polish A Nerd T-Shirts

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If owning our new show on DVD, download or floppy disk is not enough, we have a solution. Order a matching t-shirt too, in one of three exclusive designs! 


Inspired by Matt's campaign to change the stadium symbol on UK road signage into a football that is actually geometrically possible (in our universe, at least...) this is your chance to become an activist in your own home through the medium of branded apparel.

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2. NOT THAT COLD - blue

In "You Can't Polish A Nerd", Steve creates the ultimate rebuttal to less-than-accurate kids books. This t-shirt is a clarion call to fact-checkers everywhere. It also becomes extra-hilarious once you've seen the show.

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Bananas are a great source of potassium, but all of the naturally occurring potassium on earth is ever so slightly radioactive. Which means the humble yellow fruit can be used as a simple measure of radiation dose. It's called the Banana Equivalent Dose. Helen has a song about it in our new show, and you can own the t-shirt too.

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All three designs are available in Unisex (sometimes called Mens) and Fitted (traditionally called Ladies) shapes from the Spoken Nerd shop. They're printed using environmentally friendly inks on organic, sustainable, fairtrade cotton t-shirts by Rapanui. Because they're great quality and ethically produced, they cost a little higher more than more disposable garments. But you'll understand that it's worth the extra pennies when you put it on for the first time, and again and again after washing and wearing it many times.

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