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"Voice Of An Angle" CD EP + free download + free songbook

PHYSICAL CDs ARE SOLD OUT - but you can get all of Helen's songs and songbook PDF from Bandcamp. Just "pay what you want" and download! Click here.

Festival of the Spoken Nerd's resident geek songstress Helen Arney has released a mini-collection of songs about science!

This five-track EP includes a hip-hop remix of the sexy-yet-scientifically-accurate comedy hit "Animals", Full Frontal Nerdity's cryonic love song "You & Me & Walt Disney", and "The Sun Has Got His Huff On" as heard on BBC Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage and Just For Graphs on DVD and download.

Buy the CD here for just £π (£3.14) and you can instantly download a ZIP file with all five tracks as .mp3 files and PDF songbook so you can play along with these songs and many more of Helen's creations. 

Prefer your music in a digital format without any physical manifestation?Download this EP and songbook PDF - plus another two albums of songs - and "pay what you want" at Helen's Bandcamp page